Class Descriptions


The following classes are meant for every body. All are beginner friendly.
Let your instructor know of any injuries, surgeries, or conditions that might limit your movement.
These classes are meant to help you get stronger, looser, and more at home in your unique body.

Flow: Take your time moving through a guided sequence of postures designed to strengthen and stretch your body. You'll learn to breathe deeply as you move. Finally, settle in for some time to rest.

Slow Flow: A slow, sweet, stretchy practice designed to focus more on opening and less on strength. Increase mobility and flexibility while you move, breathe, and relax.

Yin: Spend just about all of this class on the floor, moving just enough to warm your muscles. Then, settle into deep stretches to loosen the connective tissues in the body.

Slow Flow + Yin: Deep stretching, long holds, breath work, slow vinyasa flow and juicy yin. Supremely stretchy and relaxing. 

Restorative: A class dedicated entirely to relaxation. Expect to use props like bolsters (large pillow) and blankets to support your body while you settle into poses meant to help you release tension and let go of stress.

The following classes emphasize strength and sweat! If you're looking for a more high intensity practice, you'll enjoy these. While still beginner friendly, these classes add an element of heat and strength that the others do not. Taught by teachers who like it HOT, we sometimes heat the room up to 100 degrees for these classes. Heated classes are in RED on the schedule.

Power Flow: Power yoga has less to do with the number of calories you burn and more to do with how you feel when you leave. This class will challenge you, push you to the edge of your strength, and leave you sweating and smiling! 

Yoga + Sculpt: This class blends traditional yoga poses with hand weights to add targeted strength building to your practice. You'll sweat it out with this high energy, high intensity practice.

Mixed-Level: This class is perfect for everyone; beginners through advanced. Each posture has many options to meet you where you are and help you grow your practice to the next level. 

Hot 26: A set sequence of 26 postures designed to build on each previous pose, this practice will engage just about every muscle in your body in the course of your class. Spend the first 2/3 of this class on your feet with warming and balancing poses, then move to your mat for spine strength, twisting, and cool down.

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